Pre-Authorized Payment Form

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Here's how pre-authorized payments work

It's a modern, easy method to make those recurring bill payments without the inconvenience of cheque writing and the increasing cost of postage or that trip to pay your bills.

With your permission, your payments can be made automatically through your bank or financial institution chequing account.

It's convenient!
The pre-authorized payment method eliminates the need for you to write cheques each month for your regular bill payments.

It's economical!
One authorization is all that is required for a series of payments to be made automatically through your bank or financial institution chequing account. This means reduced postage and envelope costs.

It's secure!
With pre-authorized payments there are no cheques to get lost or stolen - you avoid the embarrassment of missed payments, and the penalty charge for late payments as a result. You may stop payment at any time if you feel the necessity to do so.

It's assured!
If you are away on vacation, out of town on business or sick, your payments will be made on time. Even postal or airline disruptions, in most cases, will not prevent your bill payments from reaching their destination on time.

Ready to start?
Download the form, print it, and return it to Cannon Greco to start your pre-authorized payments today.
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Download the Status Certificate Package Request Form
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The Company answers some of the questions, you may ask!

1. Depending on whether the company has fixed or flexible payment dates, you can arrange your payments to fit your budget or payday cycles.

2. Should an incorrect amount be processed against your account, it will be corrected when you have advised the company.

3. If a payment processed against your account is not in accordance with the authorization, because you cancelled the authorization in writing to the Company, because an authorization was not provided to the Company for the payment processed, or because the payment was posted to the wrong account or for the wrong amount, or there was some other error, then you can ask your bank (by writing to the Manager of the branch where your account was debited) any time up to 90 days after your account is debited for the payment, to return the payment to you. After the 90 days, the Bank is not responsible to return the payment, and you must deal directly with the Company for reimbursement.

4. Should you move your account from one bank or branch to another, advise the Company of the change and they will arrange a new agreement with you so payments can continue uninterrupted.

5. You continue to have control just as with cheques you have written. You can instruct the branch to stop payment before it goes through your account and you can discontinue payments altogether, if desired, by advising the Company in writing.

What about your records?
Your payments are recorded automatically and individually on your monthly bank statement or passbook. You can also continue to enter your pre-authorized payments in your personal cheque record book as if you had written and mailed a cheque.

What about our records?
Here's where we need your help. Please complete the information required on the enclosed authorization form and also include one of your personal cheques marked "VOID" and return them to us. Please take 30 seconds and do it right now. From then on it's good-bye to writing cheques.